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  • Writer's pictureBishop Kirby Clements

The Character of Faith

Our fundamental challenge as believers is conceptual. Our interpretation or misinterpretation of historic principles, experiences and even people influence the nature and dimension of our faith. Since faith comes by hearing (Rom. 10:17) then the quality of our faith depends upon the

integrity of the Gospel that we hear and believe. In fact, Biblical truths can be neglected, marginalized and even denied. For example, there can be an overspecialization in aspects of the Gospel message.   This can be seen in a  gospel message that focuses upon individual privileges and promises and neglects to mention individual responsibilities. It is also evident in a message that emphasizes the salvation of the individual and omits the transformation of the world. And it is quite evident in a gospel message that presents an alleged male dominance over women. In essence, the character of our faith depends upon the integrity of the Gospel we hear and believe.


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